Project Summary page

Photo credit: Ayanna Bell

Mission Statment
Executive Summary
The Miseducation Project is a platform connected to The Michigan Daily’s newspaper product. The goal of this project is to redirect available resources from The Daily and its affiliates to create a separate multimedia interface. As a conglomerate, the project features artists of Color who share their stories through the art they create. The project decentralizes our monolithic understanding of one another’s cultures through the work and art of the individuals that make up the University of Michigan’s student body. With this interface, we hope to increase democratic involvement in journalism; we want to let our students speak for our world and we want to create a space for them to do so. The floor is now open to the University of Michigan student body. Artists can have individual projects published, or present ideas which we will bring to fruition with the sourcing of proper resources and artists for collaborative efforts. The project will include various art mediums such as written content, 2D visual works, animation, music, dance, and film. This project will represent the art that is within us, without becoming attached to any one final product — because our selves are constantly evolving, and so our art, and the ways we represent what we stand for, should do the same. The Miseducation Project is a display of sincere life and living. This is a long term pursuit that requires structuring and restructuring, so we ask for patience and for help as we create this project for and with the community. Sincerely, The Miseducation Team